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"Best mobile marketing strategy input" 
- Emile Wilton (Art Director)

"We first hired Mobile Marketing Winner$ in 2008. They are experts and produced great results, offering good value."
- Jason Frichol (Chief Brand Activist, Fore Good Group)

“Running isolated mobile marketing campaigns, even if they are successful, is like owning a store, opening it for one day, and then closing down for the rest of the month because you already made some sales. Mobile must become part of an everyday, long term, sustainable marketing plan.”
- Lauretta Ngakane (Team Leader, Mobile Marketing Winner$)

Our team of Mobile Marketing Winner$ educate, coach, consult and support you in everything that's related to mobile marketing. The time to know about this exciting new opportunity is NOW - because if you don't, be sure your competitor will. So if you are a NGO, Parastatal, Business Owner, Marketing-, Communication or PR Professional, Business Expert or -Coach, Media Buyer or Product-,  Brand- or Event Manager, you should join our team of Mobile Marketing Winner$ and start benefitting your business today!

Open yourself up to the exciting world of mobile marketing campaigns and let our experts guide you through the process - from planning to execution - easy, quick and cost-effective.

To find the mobile marketing tools that best suit your needs, help you develop your own mobile marketing strategy, as well as to implement it and measure its results, we advise you to follow these 10 steps together with us:

- Overall Objectives Definition

- Mobile Campaign Objectives Definition

- Mobile Usage Definition of Your Target Market

- Overall Strategy Definition

- Mobile Strategy Definition

- Mobile Campaign Planning

- Mobile Campaign Design

- Mobile Campaign Development

- Mobile Campaign Execution

- Mobile Campaign Impact Measure 

Simply write to and we will contact you about turning the cell phones of your clients/customers into SELL phones of your products and services.

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