You can book our experts to consult you and your company on all your mobile marketing challenges. We offer telephonic consultations as well as personal one-on-one sessions. Simply write to and we will contact you to assess your requirements.

2. Strategy

In a market of over 5 billion cell phones, of which only 50 million are iPhones (South Africa = 40 million+ cell phones, of which only 50,000 are iPhones), you don't really need an iPhone app, no matter how sexy it sounds! When you embark on mobile marketing you have to bear in mind that we are talking primarily about marketing. Mobile is simply a tool. Also remember that having an app or mobisite is not yet mobile marketing but merely a mobile presence. Mobile marketing can go so much further. To help you with your mobile marketing strategy we assess your overall marketing strategy and -objectives and propose mobile solutions that add to- and enhance your existing goals. Simply contact us on to set up an appointment.

3. Implementation

When you have signed off on your mobile marketing strategy, we help you implement it, including selecting the right technical supplier(s) for your requirements. As independent mobile marketing strategists we are not affiliated to any IT company. You might be able to make use of existing tools or you might need to employ developers to build you a special application. It is our declared goal to provide you with the necessary independent information to allow you to make informed decisions on which supplier can best service your requirements. Want to hear more? Simply email us at

4. Measurement

When you invest in your business, be it in human resources, equipment or indeed marketing, you want to be able to measure a return on this investment (ROI). The good news is that mobile marketing is the only marketing discipline that allows you a 100% accurate measurement of the impact of every Cent that you spent. Many IT companies offer mobile marketing tools that already include features to measure ROI. We help you find the right companies and the right tools and if the tool you require is not yet out there, we help you create it. Email and let us show you what the flagship of ROI measurement tools, the Quality Leads Creator, can do for your business.        

5. Speaker Engagements

You can book our experts for a speaker engagement at your conference, seminar, workshop or marketing event. Simply write to with your requirements and some information about your event. We will respond with a detailed quote. 

6. Webinars

We offer monthly Mobile Marketing Winner$ Webinars on our Webinar Channel. Registration for the channel as well as participation in the Webinars is FREE. These fast paced, 30 - 60 minute events will help you gain an understanding of mobile marketing and give you hands on, practical advice on how to increase your leads and sales. Also watch out for the FREE give aways during the Webinars. To view the latest upcoming Webinar topics, to register for the channel and to sign up for Webinars please click HERE.



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