Dear Colleague

In February 2010 we started a monthly Live Webinar series on mobile marketing. The response was overwhelming but one can always improve! So we put together the Mobile Marketing Winner$ 2011 Live Webinars Poll and invite everyone who is interested in mobile marketing to participate.

The poll will only take you a few minutes to complete.

So what's in it for you if you do?

Well, firstly you will get the opportunity to attend Webinars on mobile marketing in 2011 that are designed to meet your exact needs. Secondly we are giving you a US$500 discount on your custom made mobisite, which you can order online and which is guaranteed to work on all mobile phones. And thirdly we will give away three ebook editions of the Mobile Marketing Winner$ handbook "Everything you ever wanted to know about Mobile Marketing but didn't know who to ask" to three lucky winners.

Still not convinced? Okay, then please take the poll because "ticking off things" is fun :-)

Please take the poll HERE.

Thank you for your input!

Keep Thinking Mobileā„¢
Your Mobile Marketing Winner$ team


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