What is is a virtual shopping center. It is located at your one stop shop for accessing information, entertainment, education and buy virtual and real world products like music downloads or concert tickets.

What does it cost?

Subscription to is free. You only pay for certain downloads and this is clearly marked.

How can I sell my goods and services in

Simply download the appropriate application form for what you want to sell or trade in HERE. This is where you will also find our Terms and additional information on how works. 

Do I have to pay anything upfront for selling my goods and services in

Imagine opening up a shop in a real world mall. The size of your shop and the extent of your product range determines your cost for setting up the shop. You then have to pay a monthly rent, and you have additional costs for maintaining your shop. In most of these costs fall away or are replaced by a simple share in the revenues of what you sell. Setting up a shop in to e.g. sell music is free. Depending on what else you want to sell we will be happy to quote you on your investment to set up and maintain your shop. Contact Us to set up your shop now.

How do people know about what I'm selling in

Opening up a shop in is like becoming a resident promoter at a venue. You pay for- and benefit from the venues’ existing infrastructure and patrons, but you have to advertise to your own target market  to get them to come to the venue and experience what you have to offer. We are ready and equipped to help you how to best advertise your shop to your target market. Contact Us now to show you how.

What will my goods and services be sold for?

You determine the sales price for whatever you want to sell. We do however recommend certain prices for certain goods and services, and you can find these recommendations HERE.

How does selling across borders affect my earnings?

As you know there are constant currency fluctuations between the currencies of the world. We believe that the US$ is still the benchmark for pricing products and services fairly. We developed a secure mobile payment solution with a virtual currency called the MOB$, and the value of the MOB$ is based on the US$ (US$1 = MOB$100). Your products and services are priced in MOB$ and, irrespective of the value of the currency in various countries at any given time when users purchase something from you, you always receive the US$ equivalent in your countries' currency of whatever you have sold.

How do I make my products and services available for sale in

You can either upload the files of what you want to sell to our server (e.g. music tracks), or we can link to the files on your server. In both cases each link to a file has a metadata code which we use to identify the number of downloads for that file and the amount of revenue generated. In the case of "real world" products the downloaded file can for example be a coupon which is redeemed in a shop or a confirmation with a tracking number, if the goods are shipped to you.

How do I know what I've sold and how will I get paid?

We generate monthly reports, based on each transactions metadata file, and you invoice us based on these reports. We will pay you directly from our subsidiary in the respective country in which the sales were generated, by EFT into the bank account you supply us with in your application form.

You have a question that has not been answered above?

Please Contact Us .



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