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"We" are Alexander Gregori and Lauretta Ngakane, internationally published authors and -speakers on mobile marketing and team leaders at Mobile Marketing Winner$, a group of world class marketers, software and design professionals.

When you invest in marketing and advertising for your business, products and/or services you want results. It's called "Return on Investment" or ROI. And the higher your ROI the higher your profits! When it comes to mobile marketing there is no other tool that generates a higher ROI than Mobile Coupons.

There are 3 simple reasons for this:

1. Mobile Coupons can be sent to your database of Quality Leads™ (the people who have opted-in to hear from you);
2. Mobile Coupons can be distributed via SMS (98% of which are opened within 60 minutes);
3. Mobile Coupons have a killer redemption rate (Virgin America recently realized a 92% redemption rate).

So using Mobile Coupons to drive your customers into your store is really a no-brainer.

You too can now benefit from this amazing, most powerful automated communication tool with the Mobile Marketing Winner$ Mobile Coupon Starter Kit.

Build your Quality Leads
™ database with the help of our Mobile Marketing Winner$ Mobisite Starter Kit and use the Mobile Marketing Winner$ SMS Starter Kit to distribute your Mobile Coupons. It's a complete, all in one mobile marketing system.

The Mobile Marketing Winner$ Mobile Coupon Starter Kit includes:

1. Your special offer, discount or gift;
2. An expiry date;
2. An image of your choice;
3. A click to call telephone number for your business;
4. A unique redemption code;
5. A viral tool that allows your customers to share the coupon on Facebook, Twitter, Foursqaure and via email;
6. A click counter that allows you to cap the number of coupons you want to distribute as per your budget and that
    measures your coupon redemption rate with 100% accuracy.

You Decide

Apart from their killer redemption rate, our Mobile Coupon solutions allow you to cap the number of impressions. This simply means that you pay only for the number of people (impressions) who actually view your coupon offer. Each coupon comes with a minimum of 100 impressions per month. You can also choose from plans that allow you to reach up to 2,000 people or distribute up to 20 different coupons a month.

And best of all: you only pay 40 Cents to reach a potential customer!!!

How to Order

Once you click the "Buy Now" link, you are taken to a form page where you fill in your details and chose the monthly Mobile Coupon bundle you would like to purchase. After you filled out the order form and click "Submit" you are taken to a secure PayPal payment page.

                                                              - No technical knowledge required
                                                              - Nothing to download or install
                                                              - Guaranteed to work on any mobile phone

Simply fill out the order form
and we do the rest

Once your account is activated we set up your Mobile Coupon client online interface with your personal access code, and you can simply log on to create your coupons.

It's THAT easy!

And you can terminate your service at any time by simply dropping us an email :-)

PLUS if you order NOW we also throw in 3 Special FREE Reports on:

*  Mobile in Retail
    GS1 MobiCom's 34 page White Paper that reveals how mobile will revolutionize retail

*  Internet Trends
    Morgan Stanley's 87 page special report on how the mobile internet will take over, AND

*  Marketing Your Small Business On The Mobile Web
    mobiThinking's 12 page exclusive guide to low-cost, high-impact marketing to millions of mobile phones users


You also receive our special Quick Start Mobile Marketing Guide with invaluable information to create custom made, dynamic mobile campaigns for your business!

So don't delay and get mobilized NOW!!!


Limited Offer from ONLY US$ 40 a month!




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