Code of Conduct for Mobile Marketing


The Mobile Marketing Association ("MMA") believes that strong consumer privacy standards are essential to the success of mobile marketing by protecting mobile users from unwanted communications on their mobile devices.

It is only through industry support of strong privacy guidelines that the power of mobile marketing can reach its full potential.

Current internet marketing and privacy standards do not adequately address the specific challenges faced by marketers when marketing through the mobile channel.  Strong mobile industry privacy principles will protect the mobile channel from abuses by unethical marketers, and limit consumer backlash and additional regulatory scrutiny.

Therefore, the following privacy principles (this "MMA Code of Conduct", or "the Code") are intended to guide companies within the mobile ecosystem, including but not limited to: advertisers, aggregators, application providers, carriers, content providers, and publlishers, (collectively, "Mobile Marketers"), so that they can effectively, and responsibly, leverage the mobile channel for marketing purposes.  The Code is designed to provide guidelines that all Mobile Marketers should consider and build their mobile programs around.

Note: The Code is not intended to regulate a wireless carrier's ongoing proprietary communication with its current base of Subscribers which are already regulated by the FCC.

View the Code of Conduct document by clicking the link below (in Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf Format):


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