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We are Alexander Gregori and Laureta Ngakane, internationally published authors and -speakers on mobile marketing and team leaders at Mobile Marketing Winner$, a group of world class marketers, software and design professionals.

Today we personally invite you to join the Mobile Marketing Winner$ Affiliate Programs.

You can simply join by following the instructions below and we provide you with all marketing material and know-how you need to successfully close sales.

If you want to promote the Mobile Marketing Winner$ Handbook "Everything you ever wanted to know about Mobile Marketing but didn't know who to ask" you will earn 25% commission from each US$ 9.99 sale

If you want to promote the Mobile Marketing Winner$ Mobisite Starter Kit you will earn US$ 100 commission from each US$ 499 sale.

Affiliate Programs are a great way to earn money but they are not a "get rich quick" scheme. You can choose how much work you want to put into promoting our products. For example you can actively promote our products with GoogleAds, on your blog or to your email database. You can also passively promote our products by simply putting a product link on your website without much work and no risk on your part. You can even sign up your own affiliate network and earn commission on the sales of your affiliates. It really depends on you!

Our mobile marketing products are for businesses that want to benefit from arguably the most exciting marketing tool: the mobile phone of their customers. Over 5 BILLION people worldwide own a mobile phone, so it is just common sense to use mobile marketing tools. It is basically impossible that a business cannot reach its target market with mobile marketing, so you can promote our products literally to millions of businesses.    

Mobile Marketing Winner$ Handbook

Please click HERE to view our Mobile Marketing Winner$ Handbook sales page.

We joined up with ClickBank's Marketplace to offer affiliates who want to promote our book a 60% sales commission. You get paid 25% from US$ 9.99 for every book you sell. You can simply log on to ClickBank's Marketplace, sign up as an affiliate and start promoting the book. Please visit the ClickBank Marketplace to find our book and sign up as an affiliate HERE.

ClickBank pays out commissions bi-weekly every Wednesday either via cheque or, in selected countries, via electronic bank transfer.

Mobisite Starter Kit

Please click HERE to view our Mobisite Starter Kit sales page.

Our Mobisite Starter Kit sells for US$ 499 and we offer affiliates who want to promote the Kit US$ 100 sales commission. You get paid US$ 100 for every Kit you sell. If you want to become an affiliate to promote our Kit and earn US$ 100 commission for every sale please drop Alexander a line at We will respond to your email with your unique affiliate code as well as marketing material such as banners, squares, buttons and skyscraper, which you can use for your promotion.

All you have to do to get started is to tell your customers to insert your affiliate code in the Mobisite Starter Kit order form. Orders with your affiliate code will be automatically processed with US$ 100 commission credited to your affiliate account for every sale you make.

We pay out commissions bi-weekly every Friday via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to receive your commission. Setting up a PayPal account is FREE and it's easy. Simply visit PayPal at and follow their instructions. 


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